What is the Mission of NAFA?

Our mission is to serve higher education administrators and faculty who assist college-level students with applications for an array of nationally competitive, merit-based scholarships.

Who can become a member of NAFA?

The membership of NAFA consists of fellowships advisors in higher education or non-profit organizations. NAFA membership is limited to faculty or staff who are advising (or have advised) students on one or more grants, scholarships, or fellowships. Affiliated members will include interested staff from non-profit fellowship organizations or foundations.

What are the benefits of a NAFA membership?

Membership includes ongoing support from seasoned advisers and program staff in advising individual applicants and coordinating with campus committees. Members receive advance notice about new programs and an opportunity to provide an insider's perspective to funding agencies and their representatives. In addition, there are opportunities to communicate directly with funding agency representatives.

Members receive invitations to regional meetings of interest to new advisers and to experienced advisers interested in exploring issues of interest to the profession; Discounts on future NAFA conferences and regional meetings; and participation in regional, national and international seminars.

Member have access to all NAFA publications, may participate in general membership meetings, and will receive an annual report on NAFA activities, which will include minutes from executive and general membership meetings, a detailed budget and budget narrative, dates of future meetings, and association announcements. Membership also gives access to the listserv and website forum which includes up-to-date information about programs, feedback on applicant issues, and notices of positions opening in the field.

What are the types of NAFA memberships?

There are three types of Memberships:

  • Individual Membership - $150.00 annually
  • Institutional Membership - $200.00 annually. This membership category is appropriate for colleges and universities. Institutional members will be asked to designate a primary contact person for annual membership renewal purposes. Institutional members may name three individuals eligible to receive benefits, and may pay $50 for each additional individual beyond those three.
  • Affiliate memberships - $200.00 annually. This membership category is appropriate for funding agencies and programs
Where can I find information about scholarships?

NAFA is not able to work directly with individual scholarship seekers. If you are a college-level student in search of merit-based awards, please contact your university for guidance.