The National Association of Fellowships Advisors

NAFA 9th Biennial Conference, Philadelphia PA: July 2017

2014 UK Study Tour – Cardiff University, Top Five Public Research University Located in Cardiff, Wales

2014 UK Study Tour – University of East Anglia, 10th in the UK for Research Output,
a Public Research University in Norwich, England

Bikes parked at Center for Mathematical Sciences, Oxford University, England


  • Access to large number of Scholarships Advisors - both to gain an understanding of the US context of advising and to disseminate information to hundreds of US higher education institutions in a highly effective way.
    Jim Smith, Gates Cambridge Trust
  • I thought it would be an efficient way to make face to face contact with my institutional contact persons.
    Tom Parkinson, Beinecke Scholarship Program
  • NAFA seems like an excellent way to reach a lot of advisers in an efficient way. Also, it helps to level the playing field by providing best practices to schools that might be new to scholarship advising.
    Tara Yglesias, Truman Foundation
  • The Udall Foundation joined NAFA in 2001 as a way to publicize the scholarship and reach out to more faculty representatives. Since I joined the foundation in 2004, NAFA has been a great way to demystify the Udall and foster closer relationships with our faculty reps.
    Jane Curlin, Udall Foundation
  • NAFA is very important to the Marshall Commission in terms of communication with our constituents; so being a member of NAFA made sense.
    Mary Denyer, Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission