NAFA advisors have a wealth of experience working with students, faculty, administrators, and foundations at a wide range of higher education institutions. Our Consultation Program matches institutions with advisors who have relevant professional experience and can offer consultation on topics such as establishing a new fellowships advising program or enhancing an existing fellowships advising program. This may include topics such as:

  • Best practices in fellowships advising
  • Identifying awards that are a good fit for your institutional context
  • Setting up campus evaluation committees for awards that require institutional nomination (such as Fulbright, Goldwater, Truman, Rhodes, Marshall, and others)
  • Building a campus culture to encourage students to pursue national and international fellowships
  • Supporting traditionally underrepresented students in the pursuit of fellowships
  • Developing learning outcomes and assessment strategies
  • Best practices for advising graduate students
  • Engaging faculty and staff mentors and other campus partners

The Secretary of NAFA works with Best Practices, Assessment and Consultation Committee members to review inquiries from institutions and to identify experienced fellowships advisors who are able to offer consultation services. NAFA does not benefit financially from consultations, which are arranged independently by NAFA members and institutions.