The NAFA listserv is a crucial member benefit, allowing advisors and foundations to share information, provide insights and best practices, and assist each other during busy application times.

How to Join

When joining NAFA, you are automatically added to the listserv. If you need to make edits to your listserv subscription (e.g., update email address), please email

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Listserv Tips

The NAFA listserv is a place to share helpful information, not the place to extol the virtues of an individual program or to celebrate recipients of a scholarship at a particular school.

Tone: Politeness is key for all our members, both advisors and foundations. Please try to resolve issues in a productive manner. Also, to avoid inbox overload, please do not respond to the entire list with simple affirmations (e.g., “hear, hear”) or requests to share (e.g., “share with me, too”).”

Subject Line: Please indicate the scholarship to which your note refers to enable members to quickly note if content is relevant to their role.

Proofread: We ask our students to do it, and we should as well.

New Thread: If you wish to begin a new thread, please do not reply to an old message. Even if you change the subject line, you may continue the old thread, and it can be very confusing for the reader.

Reply Address: Don’t forget that the default reply address is the NAFA listserv and not to the person who wrote the message.

Accessibility: Keep the accessibility of your messaging in mind. Describe images or use alt tags with images. Avoid run-on sentences and provide paragraph breaks for longer messages.