We all have the same goal: the success of our students. Discover how NAFA can bring you the community, education, and resources you need to better serve your students and do your job.

NAFA members are fellowships advisors in higher education or non-profit organizations. NAFA membership is limited to faculty or staff who are advising (or have advised) students on one or more grants, scholarships, or fellowships.

NAFA has more than 750 individual members from academic institutions across the United States, the United Kingdom, and a few other countries. In addition, most of the major funding agencies and programs hold affiliate memberships.

You can join NAFA at any time; the annual membership year is from July 1–June 30. More information about benefits and pricing may be found below.

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Member Benefits & Pricing

Benefits Summary

For Professional Development

  • Virtual and regional summer workshops that focus on specific advisor needs such as graduate school fellowships or starting a fellowships office.
  • Biennial International Study Tours.
  • A biennial conference with workshops, opportunities to network with foundations, UK institutions, as well as with colleagues at institutions.
  • Listserv that provides a direct connection to colleagues and foundations.
  • Support from colleagues at other institutions.
  • National leadership opportunities-members can serve on national committees or run for the Executive Board.
  • Notice of jobs at other institutions.
  • The biennial survey of the profession helps advisors advocate for resources, salary.
  • NAFA biennial publication that highlights changes/advances in the field and gives insight into different competitions processes and fellowships best practices at institutions around the country.
  • Archive of “frequently asked questions” with in-depth information on fellowship interview questions, previous timing of notifications for awards, etc.
  • Opportunities to serve on selection committees for national awards (CHCI, CLS, etc.).

For Institutions

  • A place for staff to pursue professional development in the realm of fellowship advising.
  • A deep core of knowledge and best practices to support staff as students apply for scholarships and fellowships.
  • A code of ethics that binds institutions, foundations, advisors, and students to professional approaches to fellowships.
  • Discounts on attendance at NAFA conferences.
  • Advance notification of changes to scholarships and of new scholarship opportunities for our students.  
  • Staff who have direct access to foundation leaders.
  • A place to advertise open positions in fellowship advising and related realms.

Membership Fee

NAFA membership is $300 annually for fellowship advisors.

Benefits Summary

  • Listserv to learn about advisors’ problems or questions, and a place to publicly answer or disseminate information about your scholarship.
  • Wide promotion of your opportunity.
  • Higher quality applicants, who are in line with what you are looking for.
  • Discounts on NAFA conferences.
  • Opportunity to get a glimpse at other foundations’ application processes.
  • Direct connection with advisors at the conference.

Membership Fee

NAFA membership is $300 annually for those working at a funding agency or program not associated with a higher education institution.